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maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Travelling the World with 8A and 8E - the Commonwealth Projects

 On their English lessons, the 8th graders at Tehtis have spent the beginning of the academic year touring the world. We started at a poetry contest in Dublin, swapped houses for the summer with two families from India and Sweden, as well as went on holiday to various exotic locations via Heathrow Airport.

Our world tour culminated with group projects on different Commonwealth countries which were made on Padlet. After the written projects were finished, each group presented their work to the class.

                              "And here's the map of Mauritius!"
"Right, so this is Queen Elizabeth II, the queen of England."

By doing the projects we didn't only practice our English skills but also how to manage a large project - how to make sure everyone has something to do, what to do first, how to organize the work load, how to make sure all the work was done on time etc. Another thing that we practiced was group work and working with different kinds of people with different skills and interests. Most of the groups did really well! 

Presenting Nauru, "the country with the fattest population on the whole planet".

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