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maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Travelling the World with 8A and 8E - Postcards from Abroad

On their English lessons, the 8th graders at Tehtis have spent the beginning of the academic year touring the world. We started at a poetry contest in Dublin, swapped houses for the summer with two families from India and Sweden, as well as went on holiday to various exotic locations via Heathrow Airport.

Here's a postcard written by Kia from 8A, from her holiday in Ireland:

Dear Ezra,

I'm in Northern Ireland! We arrived here two days ago, and by ''we'', I mean my mum and I. Sadly, we couldn't take my dog with us! She's at home where my big brother takes care of her. We are staying at a guesthouse in the countryside. It's so lovely here! There are sheep and horses everywhere! I have fed some of the sheep, and ridden one of the horses. It was really nice. The weather isn't that great though, it rains all the time. The forts look glorious and I'm going to take a closer look of them tomorrow, when a nice elderly couple will show around this village to me. They have lived here for twenty years!

When we arrived in Belfast, we shopped a lot! I found so many nice clothes and two pairs of shoes. Luckily, my mum paid for the major part of them. We also ate at a fancy restaurant where the food was delicious, and went to a lovely café. It was small and hazy, but the mud cake was yummy.  Belfast was so different to the countryside but still pretty nice. I still prefer the countryside with all of its animals and the wonderful nature.

Generally this place is wonderful and I could stay here forever! Unfortunately, we are staying here only a week anymore. Then we are going to fly back to Finland. I will definitely come back here as soon as I can!

Best wishes, Kia

Josi from 8E chose Greece as his destination:

Dear Dad,

Hi! It's really nice and beautiful here in Greece. I've tasted loads of different foods and drank lots of smoothies, banana mostly. I arrived here 2 days ago and I've been out non-stop! I'm in a hotel called Cavani and you get free smoothies here!

It's hot here, like 25 degrees and I've already got a tan! I love the beach here - it's got warm sand and small waves. I haven't been shopping yet but I'll go and buy lots of souveniers for everyone, including you! I'm returning to Finland in two weeks but I don't want to return because my hotel room is so fancy and the bed is so soft!

I`m going out now, bye!

Best wishes and love, Josi (your son)

Emma from 8E, on the other hand, wrote about her experiences in sunny California:

Dear Emily,

I'm writing to you from California! I arrived to California about two weeks ago. I'm always dreamed of coming to the USA and I finally had my dream come true!

I have done so many things. I have sky dived for my first time. It was amazing! I have also been at the beach many times and been shopping. One of the absolutely best things was cruising in the sunset. There are so many things I haven't done yet, like surfing. Tomorrow I'm going to an amusement park. It will be agreat day! 

I'm staying at my cousins'. They are so nice to me. The weather... Wow! It's been so warm and sunny. In one word it's been perfect.
Maybe one of the saddest thing is I'm leaving this paradise about in a week. I've loved being here but I guess all good things end someday... But I have to leave know because Mike is waiting for me. We are going surfing, finally! I promise to bring you something little as a souvenir. See you in a week! 

Best wishes, Emma

Tatu from 8E travelled to a hockey camp in New York. Here's what he wrote:

Hello mate!   
As you know I'm here in New York for 1 month but there is only three weeks left. I don't know if  I told you why I'm here. SoI'm in New York on an ice-hockey camp.The camp is the world's largest ice-hockey camp for young players from all around the world.

I have 2-3 free days in a week. On the free days I'm going to the shops and just go eat with my new friends and host family. I'm staying in with a local family from New York. 

The weather has been excellent if you don't count Tuesday which was rainy and almost stormy. On Tuesday we went to the shopping mall because we wanted to be indoors. 

I have bought a couple new shirts and Nike Janoski Max shoes. They are very good and comfortable. 

The day after tomorrow we are going to a hockey match what is very exciting because it's an  NHL game. The match is the 7th game of the Stanley Cup which will decide who wins the cup.

Now I have to go to practise. I'm dreaming that I'm going to be the MVP of the camp.
See you soon in Finland. 

Best Wishes, Tatu

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