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maanantai 29. helmikuuta 2016

English class blog for 9th graders (9B and 9F)

All the students of 9B and 9F have their own English class blog. Here are Kati Rintala´s (9B) thoughts on the blogs:

We've had the opportunity to do different sort of contexts to our English typed blog. Mostly we fill the blog with texts that we need to do in class, such as job applications in English and that sort of matter. Along with the texts we need to do, we can write there our own stuff as well - as long as we do the required texts :)))- It may not sound that much fun, but that's really not the point. For some it might bring joy to write and some it doesn't. The point is that doing something is the best way to learn, and in this case, the more you write(or do something productive) in english or any other language really, the better you become. I think it's relaxing to write my own thoughts down, it really helps with the stress and improves my language skills. And yeah, I've found this blog sort of stuff quite useful and in time learned to like it. Something can turn to fun, when the things I love to do and the things I need to do are in balance.

And here is Kati´s own blog  text about an actor she likes:

Mads Dittman Mikkelsen

Mads "I'm just Jenny from the block." Mikkelsen

It's actually sort of weird story how I started to admire this man and his beautiful and amazing acting career.
I remember the goofy looking dude in "The Three Musketeers" movie, which appeard in 2011 if I recall. I was just a kid and my sister and I found the character he played 'a bit' repulsive. I don't know, he had weird hair and weird face expressions and you know, he was goofy looking villain with an eyepatch (the reason why the character was so repulsive to us, was probably because portraying such characters is called acting). To be true, nowdays I find his character truely awesome and actually, kinda hilarious.
My sister and I had the bad habit to make fun of everything that was against of the hero characters, and so we began to "insult" the characters we didn't like. Unfortunately Mads's character was the joke to us. He would probably just laugh to hear it now. And oh, I wish I could unveil it to him.
Year after, there started to appear trailers in TV about this new series that made my eyes wide open. Hannibal. The most beautiful new series created by Bryan Fuller. I was very intriqued by the trailer, as I was already interested in the earlier Hannibal films and books.
There was also something very particular in the promo. The man who appeared as Hannibal Lecter was Mads Mikkelsen, though I couldn't figure it out before searching wikipedia. I knew I had seen him somewhere. And oh, so I had, In The Three Musketeers movie. And he was the goofy looking villain.
It's amazing what he can do with his face and voice and movements while acting. He can transform into whole new person, whatever it is, and make the audience find his characters repulsive or whatever.
Before seeing him portraying Hannibal Lecter, I thought It would be impossible to redo something as good as Anthony Hopkins's Lecter. I quess I was wrong. He made the character live and breath. He made him more real thank Hopkins's portrayal. And of course I have to credit Hugh Dancy's brilliant portrayal of Will Graham, and his chemistry with Mads. The characters really do complete each other. (Mads and Hugh have been friends for about ten years, because they worked in another film before making Hannibal together)
And honestly, It's not about his looks and maybe not even the acting (ok thats a lie), It's his personality, It's his goofy, genuine and honest personality that makes me admire what he is, and I think that he's a great role model specially for young people. He has been, no, HE IS such a great inspiration for me, and I hardly know what I'd be without him. And the weirdest part is, that I've never even met him, or get the opportunity to speak to him, but still I feel this odd connection. Perhaps someday, I will meet him.

About him:
He is from Denmark, born in 22.11.1965. Very loyal soccer fan, loves all kinds of sports, was a professional dancer and gymnastic about 9 years from the age of 17 to 26, but got more interested in teathre. He is a great dad for his two children, and loyal husband for his wife Hanne Jacobsen, whom he met while studying.
His one year older brother Lars Mikkelsen is also an actor.
Some people say he is odd, mysterious and does not reveal much of himself like other celebrities.

He has appeared amon other things, in Rihanna's music video.

My personal favourites of his performances:

1. Hannibal tv series, Hannibal Lecter
2. Pusher trilogy, movies 1 and 2, Tonny
3. The Hunt/Jagten, Lucas
4. The Green Butchers/De gronne slagtere, Svend
5. Flickering Lights/Blinkende Lygter, Arne

Sofia, Rietu Janhunen (9B) wrote about her trip to London in her blog:

My trip to London part 1

So it's been done, I've finally been to London. And gosh, let me tell you,
I wasn't disappointed at all. This city was simply wonderful and we really
enjoyed our short trip throughout the capital of Britain. I had very stress-free
 weekend and for me, there was enough time to just look around and relax.
We arrived to London at Friday evening, after travelling 3 hours in an
aeroplane. (which I mostly spent snoozing in an uncomfortable position)
After arriving to Gatwick airport, we travelled to Victoria railwaystation,
where my mouth just dropped to floor as I saw the huge trainstation,
buildings, busses, everything. It was all just so darn huge for a kid born
in Oulu's smallest possible corner. So we were walking around, it was
around 8PM and we were looking for our hotel. My mom forced me to
go ask for directions from people we came across and after a while, we
found our hotel, it was really close to Victoria.
Some tasty snacks we bought, sushi there was great!

After we had signed in to our hotel, we naturally went to a grocery store
to buy some food for the evening/morning.The first thing I noticed about
british people was that they were really polite and gentle. As we were
approachign the nearest, neat- looking store, we saw two young British
guys about to step into the shop from a narrow room at the same time.
Both of them stopped, looked at each other and gesticulated with their
hands something like:
"You go in first, sir." "No no no, you go first." "No lad, you go first."
and then just doing the same thing quietly for about 3-5 seconds, before
younger man just rose up his hands and was the first to enter the store.
There we saw the "overpoliteness" of British people, and just tried to hold
our laughter. Made me think how Finnish people would've reacted in that
situtation (probably just avoid anykind of eye contact and try to rush in
as fast as possible, I suppose.)

So we came back to hotel, enjoyed our snacks and planned what to do
tomorrow, deciding then to take a tourist bus first, then take our luggage
to our second hotel (yes, we had two hotels because of a mistake my mom
made, i'll get to that later.), go shopping and just look around Piccadilly
Circus and Green Park. So we went to sleep, waking up early, having
breakfast and just chilling in our hotel for an hour before going. Our first
hotel was really nice by the way! Receptionists were really polite and our
room was big and comfortable. (though our toilet was absolutely freezing,
I have no idea why.) So first thing we did after leaving the hotel was to buy
tickets for a bus tour around London and get to see London a bit while
travelling around in the bus. It was relaxing, I enjoyed listening to classic
British music and learning something new about London's history and
culture. However, we got out feet wet because of small rain puddle under
our seats, after that our feet just kinda froze and we were really cold for
next 3 hours or so (while walking around a park).
We came across a lot of birds, especially swans.

Still, the park we went was a really nice and huge place full of many things
to look at. There were many birds and much of open space. We saw a lot of
people cycling and dogs running around freely. Seemed just like a delightful
place. It was really windy over there and surprisingly cold, but we didn't
really care and tried to stay warm by joggling around a bit and talking with
many local people and tourists. It was fun, though I got a bit bored as we
walked there for about an hour or so.

Soooo, after walking around the park, we decided to finally go sign in to
our second hotel, which we couldn't find because of countless amount of
hotels around that area and all of them looking exactly the same. As we
found it, we left our luggage to hotel, signed in and walked around the
cheap-ish mall near the Bayswater subwaystation. We ate in a Chinese
restaurant and visited a few souvenir shops before finally heading up to
Piccadilly Circus, the well-known square with huge electronic adds and
an entire street dedicated to shops, restaurants, casinos, theaters, cafes,
hotels and infamous China Town was there too.
Piccadilly square and its' huge advertisements

Of course, I immediately remembered few shops I wanted to visit, almost
all of them being located at Shaftesbury Avenue, or very close to it. I
didn't want to torture my mom too much with nerdy shops, so we decided
to go to this Asian bubble tea café, Boba Jam. (My friend recommended
it for me.) and we got some energy to go for a bit longer shopping trip.
Delicious waffleplates named "Disney" and "Delight"

So we continued walking around the Shaftesbury Av. and looked
for the shop called "Forbitten planet", there were a lot of people
and interesting shops to visit. I probably looked like a mindblown
little kid while walking there. Everything just seemed so amazing,
new and big. But oh boy, I was not expecting Forbitten planet to
be anything special, I was proven wrong.The final shop I had
heard about, Forbitten planet, was indeed every nerd's paradise.
As we stepped in, we saw quite a massive 2-floored store, full of
people like me and huge, extremely well-detailed figures behind
this long showcase. And with "every nerd's paradise" I mean pop
culture merchandise. There were countless amount of things from
video games, movies, tv-series', cartoons, comics, books, etc.
Because the shop is british, thing I probably saw the most was
Doctor Who- merchandise. Also Marvel's superheroes and Star
wars had much of expensive stuff for fans to buy. I spent way too
much money on figures, comics, accessories, etc. But oh well,
worth it. I might never get another chance to visit shop like that
so I was happy with the things I spent my money on.. my mom
in other hand, not so much.(We spent over an hour in that store,
there was just so much to see!)
China Town !

TO BE CONTINUED *dun dun dun*
By: Sofia "Rietu" 27.11.2015

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